Snowflake, Snowball, Avalanche

It’s easy to feel like one action by one person won’t make any difference. This post includes a parable to illustrate the fact that many small actions add up to make a big impact.

White bird perched on a snowy branch, with snowflakes falling.

The Weight of a Snowflake

In the deep of winter, snow began to fall in the forest. Two birds kept each other company, watching the flakes drift down and enjoying their conversation. 

Suddenly the sparrow asked, “How much do you think a snowflake weighs?”

The wren laughed. “What a silly question! A snowflake weighs next to nothing. It is insignificant. How could you even weigh a snowflake?”

“Oh, I disagree,” replied the sparrow. “In fact, last winter, around this time, the snow started falling much like it is now. Because I had no companions and nothing better to do, I sat here counting the snowflakes as they fell. I watched them settle on these branches, and cover the pine needles with a blanket of whiteness. I counted as far as 3,285,791. When flake number 3,285,792 fell and settled upon a branch… SNAP! The branch broke off and plummeted to the ground.

“So you see, that one last snowflake weighed enough to break the branch. A snowflake does weigh something. And it can make all the difference.”

Each Action, a Snowflake

The scourges of climate change and pollution seem enormous; our individual actions, insignificant. How can changing a few bulbs to LEDs, or eliminating food waste in one household have any impact?

If you ever start to feel discouraged, remember the sparrow, the wren, and the snow. Many small actions taken by many people can make a difference. 

Thanks for reading, and for taking the next step to becoming SuperGreener!
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