The Whys

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Best-selling author Simon Simek advises leaders to Start with Why. As someone who aims to inspire others, I’m taking his advice to heart.

What’s your Why?

What motivates you financially? Do you wish you could provide more for your family? Pay off debt? Save for college, retirement, or another big financial goal? Give more generously? Or perhaps, like the 2003 version of us, you have no real plan at all?

Whatever your situation, take a moment now to close your eyes and visualize a $20 bill in your hand. See it. Feel it. Smell it. 

What will you do with that $20? Buy groceries, dig your way out of debt, pay for your kid’s piano lesson, give to someone in need, or… (fill in the blank)? This is your Why.

Like awakening from a pleasant dream to the sound of a blaring alarm, that $20 bill suddenly vanishes from your hand. You realize you can’t fulfill your Why because you’ve already sent that extra $20 to your utility company, or burned through half a tank of gas without even going anywhere.

How do you like that sinking feeling in your stomach? Now repeat that, month after month after month. The good news is, you can stop it from happening by following the tips on this blog.

For many people, one Why is enough. But many of us need more incentive to take action. 

Are you concerned about climate change, pollution, and other issues facing our planet? Have you felt powerless to make a difference? Then you’re in luck. Every change you make by following the tips on this blog will both save you money and benefit the environment. Wait… free money and a warm fuzzy from doing the right thing? Two whys in one?! You’re welcome!

At this point, you may be wondering: “Sounds great! But what’s the catch? Why would you spend all this time and energy giving me all this great information for free?”

My Why

Would you believe I have not one, not two, but six Whys? The full version can be found in the Backstory, but (spoiler alert!) here’s the condensed version. Creating and maintaining this blog motivates me to:

  1. Identify more ways for my own family to save money and…
  2. Reduce our ecological impact.
  3. Help you save money and…
  4. Reduce your ecological impact.
  5. Earn extra money to put toward our own financial goals and help…
  6. Spread the use of clean energy, reduce waste, and reduce pollution.

Next steps

Now you know your Why, and all of my Whys. What’s next?

You’ll find a lot of great information on this blog, and more every week. Do not try to do all the things at once. It’s just too overwhelming and frankly, unsustainable. But small, incremental changes really add up over time. My suggestion: take one action at a time, on a regular basis. Perhaps once a week (which is, coincidentally, how often new posts appear), or even once a month. Whatever you can manage, really commit to following through. Put it on your calendar and make it happen. Any time you need motivation, just visualize that $20 bill slipping through your fingers again.

Some of the tips you’ll find on this site are “change it once and forget it”. Others mean forming a new habit and letting it take root. In any case, make one change at a time. Once you incorporate it into your life or routine, it becomes your new “normal”. You won’t notice it anymore, other than seeing more money in your account at the end of the month.

Each change you make is a step toward healthier finances and a better world. Each change helps you become SuperGreener.

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